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I remember when my puppy was smaller than my mom's leg.


soon I will be podcasting about dog fur


The Holidays

1 min read

Oooh the holidays just name them all 

Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving,

Martin Luther King Jr. Day,

Leprechaun, St. Patricks Day.

4th of July 

oooh, why can't it be a Holiday ..


OOOh I wish it was a holiday

I need one TODAY.

I need the Holiday to be TODAY!

Ohh the Holidays they are awesome

Ohhh Ohhh every single one

Just makes me want it to be a 


Why Can't it be a holiday


 I need it to be a holiday.


My Nature Photos

1 min read

I went on a walk and took a bunch of unique photos some were because of the view, Somewhere because I thought it would look cool. Some were just to try it out, and some were a mistake.


Update on my app

1 min read

Update on my app idea

I made the first board and the dog catcher board. I made a dog catcher. 

I got stuck here.


My App Idea

1 min read

You are a dog in a room with holes and a door on one side. You see the board for a few seconds and then screen goes dark.

You need to move the dog to the door in the dark to beat a board.

If you fall in a hole you must get by the dog catcher. 

If you get caught, game over. 

You get three puppies per round.

Each round has six rooms and a boss.


I decided to make it about the pug for dog days


Hey now I can use events, RSVP, and locatoin.


what are dogs favorite kinds of cheese?


what do you call a bad dream about a dog?


All answers to jokes will be in the comments. Please leave me a comment if you get one right

why can't you watch TV with a dog?