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I remember when my puppy was smaller than my mom's leg.


Episode 8:Bandtio


Episode 7:Hipster


Dog Days Episode Three: Dog Fur

my two dogs laying on bed


Dog Days Episode Two: Eddie's DNA



Oooh the holidays just name them all 

Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving,

Martin Luther King Jr. Day,

Leprechaun, St. Patricks Day.

4th of July 

oooh, why can't it be a Holiday ..


OOOh I wish it was a holiday

I need one TODAY.

I need the Holiday to be TODAY!

Ohh the Holidays they are awesome

Ohhh Ohhh every single one

Just makes me want it to be a 


Why Can't it be a holiday


 I need it to be a holiday.


My Stuffed World: Where did they come from?

In the season two first  episode, I make up a game show for my brothers.



My Stuffed World Episode 05: Truth of Rex


My Stuffed World Episode 04: Case of the Missing Pebbles

I interview my cousin James and we talk about Pebbles and Jelly.


My Stuffed World Episode 03: Dolpho


My Stuffed World: Episode 2: Twins