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I remember when my puppy was smaller than my mom's leg.


what are dogs favorite kinds of cheese?


what do you call a bad dream about a dog?


All answers to jokes will be in the comments. Please leave me a comment if you get one right

why can't you watch TV with a dog?


Dog Days Episode Two: The Blue Heeler

Learn about the Blue Heeler


Dog Days Episode One

My first .


Slacker Line Update

1 min read

I'm getting a ladder for the ninja line. My dad will take it down for a adjustmet.


The slacker lines

I got the slacker line for my birthday.I have two kinds of slacker lines.They are slacker line,and the ninja line.The ninja line has attachments.These are cargo nets, wheels, and ladders. I have the rope. I am going to save up money to get other kinds.


Ben's songs

1 min read

Pirates death

can't handle this

one more night

Eddie and the coyote

Don't clean up


My Birthday

1 min read

  1. mini golf
  2. Grandma's house
  3. inside most
  4. bopit
  5. yahtzee
  6. uno attack
  7. Chinese food

This is Eddie

He is in a blanket curled up.